Herausforderung Megacities

The Allianz Forum for the future

New questions, new answers, new solutions

The Allianz Forum provides an opportunity for dialogue and interdisciplinary work focusing on the challenges of the 21st century. Together with institutions from all walks of society, we are in search of better answers to pressing questions of our time such as:

  • Demography (ageing, health, migration, diversity)
  • Environmental and climate protection
  • Sustainable growth (protecting natural resources, fair trade, war on poverty)
  • Intercultural dialogue and the future of Europe

To this end, we are offering ambitious institutions affordable premises where they can work, meet and stage events on Berlin’s prestigious Pariser Platz. This location which once divided the world is hence being transformed into a place where we can shape the future together.  

If you and your organization are committed to helping the common good and would like to join in the development of new approaches to life’s problems in a manner involving collaboration between different sectors, stakeholders and even countries, get in touch with us!

This offer is especially attractive to those seeking a stage for public debate and dialogue with other organizations.

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